Monday, October 19, 2009

Mountain House Freeze Dried Food on Sale at Emergency Essentials

I got an e-mail from Emergency Essentials (  They're having a 25% off sale on all Mountain House meals in #10 cans. 

According to the e-mail, the Chicken A La King & Noodles is $26.62 (it's normally $35.49).  Their Turkey Tetrazzini is $26.99 (it's usually $35.99).  I've had both of these in the 2-person pouches, and they were very good.  There are similar price savings on the other meals.

The sale goes from Oct. 16th through the 30th.  So if you've been thinking of stocking up on MH meals, now might be a good time.  You might also want to add your e-mail address to their e-mail list so you can get these notices, too.

Now I have to go check my budget to see whether I can squeeze in a couple more cans of food this month.


  1. Hi, my friends call me Busted for short.
    I just ran across you from APN and thought to myself, Vernonia, can't be but apparently it is!

    I am East of Vancouver so I know where Vernonia is.
    I like what you are doing.
    I haven't messed with dehydrated foods but have wanting to try some and your descriptions have most certainly pushed me.
    I like the fact that they store well and don't take up so much space.
    I live in a 35 foot Fifth Wheel so space is at a premium!

    I'll be back to visit occasionally but wanted to let you know you have a new fan.

    Good luck,


  2. Hey Busted,

    Thanks for the comment and for following my blog.

    East of Vancouver. We're practically neighbors!


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  4. Mobile from Mountain House, thanks for stopping by. Nice comments are always welcome.