Friday, October 16, 2009

Another Way to Store Cheese

While browsing around the web the other day I discovered that there's another way to store cheese.  You can buy big chunks of cheese and cut it up into portions that you'd use in a couple days.  Then you can dip it in melted cheese wax (or brush on the cheese wax) and store it in a reasonably cool place.

The wax seals the surface so it won't get moldy.

You do this with the hard cheeses:  cheddar, parmesan, etc.  Soft cheese has too much water and might go bad.

You can get cheese wax on the Internet.  Just Google "cheese wax" and you'll be amazed what you find.

Here's a website that tells you more about waxing cheese:

There are other websites that talk about how to do it.  Again, just Google "cheese wax".

Pretty cool, huh?

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