Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Scrambled Egg Mix Better Than Whole Egg Powder For Scrambled Eggs

I ran out of the Scrambled Egg Mix.  Well, it has 36 servings in the can, and I've eaten it almost every day for over a month, so it isn't a surprise.

This morning I decided to try making scrambled eggs out of Whole Egg Powder.  So I added some Buttermilk Powder and a little Margarine Powder to some Whole Egg Powder.  I mixed the powders together, then whisked in some water. 

Scrambled eggs made from Whole Egg Powder just aren't as good as those made from Scrambled Egg Mix.  First, the mixed powders didn't fluff up when I whisked in the water like the Scrambled Egg Mix does.  Also, the scrambled eggs tasted kind of watery.  They had a lot less flavor than scrambled eggs made with Scrambled Egg Mix.

So from now on I'll keep the Whole Egg Powder for baking and use Scrambled Egg Mix for making scrambled eggs.

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