Saturday, July 24, 2010

I Can't Believe I Didn't Think Of This Before!

I use freezer bags a lot.  Sometimes I use gallon-size, but mostly I use quart-size bags.  I often use them to freeze smaller portions of food I buy in bulk, such was walnuts or those family-packs of meat. Or I'll buy a big bag of frozen berries and break it up into smaller bags for freezing (so I have to open each bag less often and it gets fewer ice crystals). 

But filling the freezer bags can be awkward:  they don't stand up by themselves, and they don't stay open.  This is particularly troublesome when I'm puting chicken or other meat into the bags.  I don't want to touch the outside of the bags and possibly contaminate them with any salmonella I may have on my fingers (from the meat--I don't walk around with salmonella on my fingers--not often any way).

But a couple days ago I thought of a simple solution to both problems, and tonight I got a chance to test my idea.

First, I washed out an empty #2 can, and used a can opener to remove the bottom.

Then I simply stood the bottomless can up in the freezer bag I wanted to fill, and put the contents into the can.

The can is shorter than the bag, so as I filled up the can I shook the contents down into the bottom of the bag, and slid the can up to finish filling up the bag.

It worked great.  I filled the bag with no problems.  Now I'm ready for the next time I buy a big package of chicken!


  1. Oh wow. I can't believe I didn't, we use the same cans for fast starting charcoal on the bar-be-que!

  2. I wonder what other things we haven't thought of yet that would save us time or make things easier.

  3. Is it possible to put the bag inside the can for filling? So you don't have to clean out the dirty can - and if you don't have to remove the can's bottom, it could be reused as a can?

  4. Hey Malayla, yeah, I tried that. But the bag kept closing up. I could keep it open by folding the top down, but I was worried that I'd accidently blow out a seam if I did that. It might work if I had exactly the right size can, but nothing I've tried is exactly right. Ah well.