Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How Cool Is This?

I was just reading the most recent post from the Totally Ready Blog (the link is on the right), and saw an ad for cardboard can organizers.  They look like they work similarly to the Shelf Reliance Cansolidators, but they're made from cardboard, so they're much cheaper.

Paraphrasing Captain Steve Hiller from Independence Day, 'I have GOT to get me some of these!'

Here's the link, in case you're interested: .

I shamelessly stole an image from their website so you can see what they look like:

You put your recent purchases in the top, and it rolls around to the bottom.  When you want to use a can, you take it from the bottom.  So you're always using the oldest can, thus rotating your storage easily.  Of course, you'd have to get one for each type of food you're storing.   But at $12.00 (US) or $16.00 (US) for a 4-pack (depending on which size you get), that's not too bad. 

It looks like they don't have them for #10 cans yet.  But they'd be great for storing store-bought canned foods.


  1. I bought these a few months ago, and I love them!

  2. Thanks Becky. I'm going to get some on payday.