Saturday, February 6, 2010

Seed Potatoes

AI ordered some seed potatoes form Wood Prairie Farm.  They're in Maine -- I almost felt guilty from ordering someplace other than Idaho!  But I survived it.

They have so many different varieties--how can you choose?  And I don't need a whole pound of each variety I want to try.  For one thing, I would seriously go over budget.  But I can't eat that many potatoes anyway.

So I ordered their Organic Potato Blossom Festival.  I don't care about the "organic" part of it.  I think "organic" is way over-hyped.  But this has a nice mix of potato varieties, a pamphlet on growing spuds, and a recipe book.  The potato varieties were selected for "their exceptional blossom beauty and fragrance":  Red Cloud, Carola, Cranberry Red, All-Blue, Onaway, and Butte. 

The Wood Prairie catalog itself contains a wealth of information about the different types of potatoes (the ones included in my order are itallicized):

Soft MoistSteamedCranberry Red
Au GratinAll-Blue
Creamy Mid-DryBakedCarola
SteamedRose Gold
Creamy Soups
Mealy DryBakedSwedish Peanut
Waxy MoistBoiledOnaway
Soups & StewsReddale
Waxy Mid-DryAll purposeCaribe
BoiledPrairie Blush
SaladsRose Finn Apple
Russian Banana
King Harry
Firm DryBakedRed Cloud
FriedYukon Gold
BoiledIsland Sunshine

I'm really looking forward to getting try see and smell all the beautiful blooms.  And, of course, to tasting all these varieties.  Well of course I'll have pictures of the plants blooming, and of the potatoes.

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